To see drafts in the Workshop, you will either need specific passwords for individual pieces, or you will need to be logged-in. Please contact: for more information.

  1. Logging In
  2. Viewing or Adding a Post
  3. Publishing a Post

Logging In

Click the WordPress menu icon in the lower right, then choose ‘Log in’


Viewing or Adding a Post

Click the ‘My Sites’ menu in the top left, then choose ‘Blog Posts’ to view your posts dashboard.

Click ‘Add’ to jump straight to creating a new post.


Publishing a Post to Editors and Administrators Only


Publishing a Post With a Password

Once you’ve finished entering your draft post in the editor, click ‘Publish’ to bring up the publishing options.

You can choose to post one of three ways:

  1. If you choose ‘Public,’ the piece will immediately be live on for anyone to read
  2. If you choose ‘Admins and Editors,’ only Coeditoria’s admins and editors will be able to read it
  3. If you choose ‘Password Protected,’ you can set a password for the piece. The title of the piece will be visible to anyone on, however only people that enter the password you select will be able to read it.