safe-quillSecure and Supportive

Welcome to CoEditoria, a community of writers sharing their work in an exclusive environment. Probably you are here because you have been invited to participate. The CoEditoria workshop allows you freely to share your work with other writers without your writing appearing publicly on the Internet. You can set your own parameters for critical responses to your work and expect that your peers within the workshop will respect them. Making clear your current stage in the writing process ensures that co-editing can prove useful throughout the entire development of a piece – from helpful suggestions on early drafts to a final line edit before submission to an agent or publisher.

worldwideBoundless Community

CoEditoria is limited neither by time nor by geography. Unlike a traditional writers’ group with its limitations to meeting times and locations, participation in CoEditoria has the potential to be worldwide and free-floating, with rapid communication among participants possible at any time. Writers who travel can participate as, potentially, can writers from around the world.

CoEditoria encourages the formation of elective affinities in its time-and-geography-free zone. Writers who find a commonality can mutually arrange energy exchanges such as trading reciprocal reading of lengthy pieces. Other workshop participants may stimulate productivity by setting up subgroups with shared deadline challenges. The possibilities for interactions within the workshop are almost unlimited.

readerPlatform for Sharing

If individual writers agree to publish samples of their work in our blog, Word from CoEditoria, we plan to publicize this project through carefully curated Internet publication of selected pieces. Since the group originates in the Bay Area, additional ways of publicizing CoEditoria will in good time include readings by participants at local bookstores and other venues.